11 September, Saturday
Until 25 September
Monday to Saturday
15 September, Wednesday
Dialogues. Moderate by Ana Paula de Campos
16 September, Thursday (excepcionaly)
FERIDA ABERTA [Open Wound] do Grupo Broca, referring to the theme «Cold Sweat», focuses on the history of Brazil, trying to unravel the particularities and subjectivities of our colonization and the structural marks that we carry until today. Discussing our visions, experiences and positions within this delicate moment, pointing our finger at the wounds which never healed, from this body called Brazil. «Ferida Aberta» is the title which embodies this complex urgency life brings us. 
GRUPO BROCA (BR) is made up of ten artists – Silvia Beildeck, Thais Costa, Maria Alves de Lima, Renata Meirelles, Miriam Andraus Pappalardo, Renata Porto, Kika Rufino, Clau Senna, Marina Sheetikoff and Nicole Uurbanus – with diverse backgrounds, who share the language of contemporary jewelry as their main form of expression.  The work dynamic includes periodic meetings involving study, critical analysis and practical research.  Through reflection and investigative exercises, each member of the group deepens her own personal project, which is built between individual vocabularies and collective agency, promoting a process that is the result of dialogue and questioning.  From this polyphony Broca Group make their chorus.