Christoph Zellweger
From 11 to 15 September, Saturday to Wednesday
Caroline Broadhead
From 11 to 15 September, Saturday to Wednesday
Opening 17 September, Friday
Curated by Caroline Broadhead and Christoph Zellweger
 Open to the public till 17h
18 September, Saturday
19 September, Sunday
20 September, Monday
Face it – a source for artistic interventions. Be it real or imagined, fear is our survival response and always experienced physically. The body performs, reacts, while our perceptions are challenged. This masterclass explores fear as source for artistic interventions and looks at the interplay between body and object as a cultural and personal reference point. Christoph Zellweger
CHRISTOPH ZELLWEGER (Lübeck, 1962) is an artist  internationally known for pushing boundaries on the field of body adornment. He creates poetic artefacts, one-off jewellery pieces, fictional products and installations, which position themselves between critical design and object art. Between 2009 and 2011 Zellweger researched societies obsession with bodily fat in operation theatres and presented Excessories – Lets talk About Fat in 2012. He showed empty, translucent volumes in blown glass with weight references coming from real operation protocols to report on the diverse fates of fat to become metaphors for absence, gain and loss. Zellweger’s latest work will be presented at the Museu da Farmácia, Lisbon in 2021. This time Zellweger creates glass ampoules that are containing familiar or mysterious-looking substances - powders that are omnipresent in today's world. Some may be synthetic - toxic and addictive, others life-saving. Manufactured by powerful industries and packaged in small doses, substances like these flood the markets and change our lives. With the right cocktail of hormones we aim to reinvent ourselves, with a handful of pills and injections we change the way we experience life, the way we reproduce or age and how we face death. There is a fine line between use and abuse, between charlatanry, science and faith. Are these substances like 'soma' that in Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' robs society of the necessity of critical thinking and the questioning of its world order? Can the poetic be a cure?
In this five day intensive workshop, we will identify what each participant understands to be in need of protection. This is an open topic, so might be something serious, comical, personal or common to all. There will be challenges and discussions to explore the various ways in which jewellery, or other objects closely relating to the body, might perform this role. Caroline Broadhead
CAROLINE BROADHEAD (Leeds, 1950) work centres around objects which come into contact and interact with the body, and include collaborations and performance work. Some pieces are intended to be worn and changed through touch and movement and other works have explored the outer extents of the body through light, shadow and reflection. Caroline has lectured, taught and exhibited widely and her work is represented in many public collections worldwide. A recent book, published by Arnoldsche, and a retrospective exhibition at CODA Museum, Netherlands showcased work spanning four decades. Other acknowledgements include: Jerwood Prize for Applied Arts: Textiles, 1997; Textiles International Open, 2004, and The Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council Lifetime Achievement Award, 2017. Recently retired as Course Leader, BA Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins, she is now Professor Emerita there.